How to have a perfect skin


We’ve all heard the phrase “beauty comes from within.” But beauty isn’t just about having a heart of gold: confidence is key. If we want to stand out, we have to give off the right energy, and a lot of that comes down to feeling secure about ourselves.

Natural methods and recipes for cleansing liver and blood

Jugo de remolacha 2

Cleansing your liver with a liver detox can be helpful for revving up the function of your body’s natural detox mechanisms.

Is my child…Addicted to technology?

Boy (9-11) playing games console (focus on hands and control)

Yet these devices could be having a significant impact of the mental health of young people.

Money-Saving Tips for families

Canadian currency, close-up of five, ten and twenty dollar bills

The most frugal families know that lavish trips and the latest clothes do not necessarily make a happy family. Reducing bank account strain, however, can help relieve family stress. There are many simple things you can do to ease your monthly finances:

Discovering Peru

peru 1

El Perú es un país diverso lleno de riqueza milenaria, rico en destinos turísticos. Se puede encontrar muchas cosas que hacer en el día como realizar un paseo al Centro Histórico de Lima hasta cruzar el lago Titicaca.

 4 steps for beating belly fat


There are four keys to controlling belly fat: exercise, diet, sleep, and stress management.


Why are healthy lunches and snacks important at school?


Your child’s school lunches and snacks are a major source of the essential vitamins and minerals they need to grow and develop over the years.

How to live a happy married life


if you want to live a happy married life, then you have to work on keeping the romance alive and on continuing to grow—both with your partner and as an individual.